Two other albums you should check out…

Two very talented and lovely people who contributed vocal tracks to Primordial Cordial  have brand new albums of their own out and we urge you to give them a listen. It’ll be a treat for your ears. Ear-bacon, if you will.

First up, the golden-voiced Nuala Honan, who guests on four tracks on Primordial Cordial, has just finished recording her debut album, The Tortoise, and it’s sounding lush. If you haven’t yet heard Nuala’s solo stuff, you may be pleasantly surprised by her folk and country sensibilities, which really blossom on these recordings. It’s pretty different from the stuff she does with us, and we love it. Check out the video for All Is Not Lost below. And then buy the album. Because it’s great. (And then buy our album too, if you haven’t already).

The awesomely talented Dizraeli performs on two tracks on our album (you’ve heard them, right? If not, stop reading this and listen to them immediately.) Now he’s back with his band, the Small Gods, having just finished their second album, Moving in the Dark. I went to see Dizraeli and the Small Gods’ album launch gig at the Fleece in Bristol on Saturday night, and they were mindbuggeringly good. Be sure to go and see them if they’re playing anywhere near you. Meanwhile, check out the promotional video below. It’s good. Almost too good. In fact, you probably shouldn’t click on this unless you’ve had some preparatory listening-to-exceptionally-good-shit training.

(On a less musical but distinctly hoppy note, this week’s Beer of the Weekend was a cheeky little IPA by Wiper and True, currently on tap at the Hillgrove pub. I stumbled across this one on Sunday evening and it took me by surprise: hopped to high-heaven, bitter and fruity, with a seven-point-something percent sting in its tail. There’s a lot going on in this beer, and it’s mainly good.  It’s made here in Bristol, too. The internet just told me that. I’ll definitely be heading back while they still have it on tap. There’s loads of good beer around in Bristol at the moment, isn’t there? As official band booze advisor, I welcome your recommendations always. Oh, and the albums I mentioned – don’t forget about them.)

Until next time.

Steve x

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