Thankyou Jazz Café!

We’re still buzzing after last night’s sold out show in Camden. Big thanks to the London crowd and to those who came from far and wide to make it an extra special night. You made us very happy!

Huge thanks also to Dizraeli and Nuala for joining us to perform their tracks from the album: we love you guys, can’t wait to do it again soon!

Thanks to Arron Leslie for uploading these video clips.

2 comments on “Thankyou Jazz Café!”

  1. Kym Hart says:

    My partner and I came to London fro the weekend to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and booked to see you guys not knowing really who you were, but to see something different. Wow, you were amazing. Thanks for a fab night and I’m sure we’ll be looking you up again.
    The album is great, don’t leave it 6 years for the next!

  2. Jean Pointon says:

    Came to London for the weekend from Stoke-on-Trent and checked to see what was on at the Jazz Cafe. Sorry to say you were unknown to me, but thoroughly enjoyed the evening! What a fantastic sound! I’m enjoying your album and shall follow you via the website!

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