Nice one, Bristol!

It was great being back at Fiddlers for our first Bristol show in a while. Thanks to everyone who came along. We had a lovely time (despite a couple of small technical issues) and hope you did too. It was especially great to have Tom A back on violin, not least for instigating some backstage games of extreme ball-slapping (ask us to show you some time, it’s a great warm-up). Highlights for me were some world-class lunging from our brass section, and Nuala accidentally propositioning the crowd. And of course the Carny Villains’ excellent cover of Walk This Way. Thanks to them for supporting!

We’re aware that a lot of people didn’t manage to get tickets because the show sold out well in advance. So apologies if you contacted us but we were unable to help. It was nice to hear from you anyway. You’re awesome. We missed you.

The good news is we’ve just confirmed another Bristol date for the spring. Check back here for details soon, it’ll be a wicked line up and we don’t want you to miss out!

Here’s a few onstage shots from Friday night, taken by Tom W:








See you soon!

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