Exeter, I admit it: I was dubious

Exeter, I admit it: I was dubious when they said we were going to play in a museum. And that it was a 1920s themed swing-dance evening. I thought the promoters must’ve seen the video for The Alibi and mistaken us for genuine vaudevillian hep-cats. I had visions of legions of disappointed lindy-hoppers ransacking a medieval weapons display cabinet and chasing us out of Devon… But thankfully my fears were unfounded. What a lovely crowd you were! And you all looked amazing, too. I wish we could have hung out together. Maybe next time we will. At your place? Looking forward to it already.

On a side note, how did the promotors know that Tesco dry cider was the thing that’s been missing from our rider all these years? We had no idea. Hats off to you, sirs.

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