Primordial Cordial

Fans, friends and family:

THE TIME IS (almost) NIGH!

PRIMORDIAL CORDIAL is simmering on the stove and will be ready to drink as soon as it’s cooled to a safe level.

And it’s a heady brew alright! 56 minutes 16 seconds (average contents) of Anti-Social delight: our unique and much-loved formula of intoxicating instrumental goodness flavoured with a dash of Dizraeli, some freshly-squeezed Nuala, a twist of Tenor Fly and a drop of Dom Coyote.

We are thirsty for it. You are thirsty for it. Our mums are thirsty for it. Everyone, pretty much. And although there’ll be lashings and lashings to go round, we are offering you – the readers of these infrequent newsletters, the people who vibe up the shows, our nearest and dearest, bestest mates and those we secretly want to be just like – the chance to come straight to the front of the queue with your receptacles held aloft.

For tactical reasons, we’ve decided to push the official release date back to June (industry stuff, PR gubbins, publishing thingumy, other boring shizz you don’t need to know about) BUT WE ARE STILL MAKING THE ALBUM AVAILABLE TO YOU – AFOREMENTIONED PEOPLES OF EXCELLENCE – FROM 4th FEBRUARY, AS PROMISED!

So, how can you get your velvet-gloved hands on this preliminary fan-only release? Well, as of Monday 4th February you could download it on MP3 through this here website. Better still, you could order it on an old-fashioned Compact Disc so you get to really appreciate the sweet artwork drawn by our new friend in Brazil, Carlos Araujo. It’s real pretty. Of course, the absolute best of the ways to buy PRIMORDIAL CORDIAL is to come along to one of our exclusive gigs marking the fan-only release and buy it off us in person so we can give you a hug and tell you that your new spectacles suit you remarkably well, where did you get them?


London, Jazz Café, 2nd Feb – tickets
Bristol, Fiddlers, 8th Feb – tickets
Exeter, RAMM, 15th Feb – tickets
Brighton, Blind Tiger, 16th Feb – info
Southampton, Talking Heads, 22nd Feb – tickets

Bottoms up!

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