Autumnal greetings to ye!

Having not spammed your inboxes (so to speak) since spring, I’m reminded it’s high time I gave you all a quick update from Anti-Social Towers. Read on for what 2011’s done for us, what we’ve got left to do for it, and why we’ll only be doing it once more this year (shhh… don’t mention the ALB*M), at the fast-approaching GUNPOWDER PLOT PART II on Saturday 5th November.

2011 so far

This summer was yet another delightfully hectic one for us. Looking back, it’s already a bit of a blur, but a few memorable moments spring to mind. We learned a few things this year. We discovered that a headline slot at WOMAD has the power to make ten people grin for several days (thanks and big love to everyone who came and made it such a memorable show). Camp Bestival reaffirmed our belief that children are the best dancers. During the very long drive to Croatia, we learned that some of the band have worryingly small bladders (luckily, swimming in calm blue seas and rocking out at Soundwave festival was well worth the million toilet stops). We learned there are worse places to break down than in the Austrian alps at a service station stocked with chilled beer, and that no one parties on a Tuesday night like the Slovenians. We were thrilled to find it’s still possible to perform breathtakingly dangerous stunts in very close proximity to a gawping crowd, as demonstrated by the awesome Wall of Death at Boomtown Fair and Bestival (where we also played some rather splendid shows and made a few new friends, some of whom were called Chris). We deducted that Europe’s number one chicken sausage must have earned the title by dubious means. It’s like eating a pink, garlic-flavoured stool. They should’ve called it the ‘number two’ chicken sausage. Oh, and moving on to small pink things of a much more pleasant nature, big congratulations to our trumpet player Tom and his girlfriend Sally on the birth of their Bonnie new daughter!

Doctor Who feat. Tenor Fly, plus album news

While we’ve been out and about this summer, many of you have asked us why we don’t have more recordings available. We’ve reminded you about the complimentary release Walking In The Air (a Christmas gift from us to BBC 6 Music); we’ve pointed you in the direction of Doctor Who, released earlier this year on TruThoughts (with a version featuring guest vocalist Tenor Fly recently included on their new Shapes 11:01 compilation, available for a very reasonable price on their website ). But some of you have suggested that you want more, that these morsels are not enough. After all, we’ve only been together ten years, right? So why the lack of recorded evidence? Musical differences? Too busy with live shows? Deep-seated fear that with every note we lay down on tape a little of our soul is taken forever? In truth, we’re not sure. We’re not going to fob you off with excuses. Just rest assured things are about to change, people! To make sure this thing really happens this time (and to get you lot off our backs, already!) we’ve taken the extreme step of vowing not to play another gig until we’ve got the album wrapped up. Faced with the choice of bringing this mother-lover to life pretty sharpish, or spending the foreseeable future locked in our underground studio, we’ve already been working hard rearranging tunes from the live set and listening back over some pretty sweet rhythm section tracks we recorded last year. We’re all very excited, and confident we’re gonna bring you the record you’ve been waiting for. No, better than that, we’re gonna bring you THE RECORD YOU DESERVE, people!

(You may be interested to know, the album will be completely self-directed, self-written, and self-financed – which is the tricky part. Watch this space to see how you can help out in return for some splendid rewards, a nice fuzzy feeling inside, and a pre-ordered copy of the album to ensure you’ll be one of the first to hear it)

Exciting times! See you at the GUNPOWDER PLOT – or see you in spring, when we finally emerge, blinking into the sun, and so very, very hungry.

Much love,
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